Shinobu Kameyama is an accomplished pianist from Aichi
prefecture, Japan.  Raised in a musical family, Shinobu began studying
piano with her mother at the age of three.  Throughout her youth in
Japan she continued her piano studies and played for recitals,
concerts and special events.  Shinobu graduated from the Nanzan
University in Nagoya-city, Japan with a degree in British and American
studies, and studied communications and linguistics for one year as a
foreign exchange student at the University of Massachusetts at
Amherst.  Throughout her college years Shinobu continued playing the
piano and her enthusiasm for music remained strong.
led to a dear friendship and partnership with Nova and Susanna.  Shinobu and Susanna went on to work
together in La Traviata, and shortly thereafter Shinobu began rehearsing with Bella Sorella.  Recognizing
her dedication, talent and warm heart, Nova and Susanna asked Shinobu to be Bella Sorella’s official
accompanist.  Since collaborating on
Popera, Shinobu, Nova and Susanna became both working
partners and dear friends.  Shinobu’s relentless pursuit of technical perfection and countless hours of
work with Bella Sorella live up to her name’s English translation – “Great Will.”
Shinobu first met Susanna one evening at an opera rehearsal for Cosi
fan tutte.  Susanna noticed that Shinobu, who was the rehearsal
accompanist, looked very cold, and during a break offered Shinobu a
pair of gloves to warm her hands.  This chance meeting ultimately
You can hear Shinobu's beautiful
accompaniment on all three of Bella Sorella's
CD's and many of the video clips.  Shinobu was
with Bella Sorella from the days of performing
outdoors at Santana Row in San Jose, California
to the groups appearance on NBC television
and their receipt of the Los Angeles Music
Awards vocal group of the year in 2007.
Shinobu now lives with her husband, Grant and
son, Saisei in Tennessee but she'll always be
Nova & Susanna's "
soul sister" as they referred
to her on stage.
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Bella Sorella's original promotional  video with
Shinobu is on the video page (4th selection)