"Compagna tua, compagna m 'avrai"
Truly I'll prove to you a companion

We’re in Japan…

Well we survived the 12 hour flight to Japan and arrived safely in Nagoya.  Actually the flight went by quite fast…  the flight attendants found out we were heading to Japan to perform and they twisted our arms :-)  to sing a couple of songs.  We sang the Lakmé duet and Sisters.  To our surprise this “in flight performance” prompted a number of autograph requests.  We happened to bring some of our postcards with us and we had fun signing them for our new fans.
Our first night here we had a wonderful dinner with the Maestro (the Maestro is in charge of all the entertainment at the Villaggio Italia and is the one who invited us to perform here in Japan).  Everyone is very friendly and the food is great.  Our apartment is really nice and the Villaggio Italia is amazing.  Our appearance on Tokai Radio was fun and now we are getting ready for our regular performances. Please check back soon for updates…
- Nova, Susanna & Shinobu