"Compagna tua, compagna m 'avrai"
Truly I'll prove to you a companion

Our First Performance…

We performed for the first time at the Villaggio Italia on Saturday and we had a blast.  We performed some of our new songs such as Nella Fantasia, Finiculi Funiculla and a song in Japanese we learned just for this trip called Kawa no nagare no youni.

We were so happy that some of Shinobu’s family live nearby and were able to see us peform on Saturday.

We hope you enjoy the pictures… we’ll be posting more photos soon…

- Nova, Susanna & Shinobu

PS. Nova added:

The phrase, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” could not be more appropriate for Shinobu and her lovely family. Shinobu’s family greeted us with love, smiles, congrats and beautiful gifts. It was an emotional moment. It was like meeting your long lost relatives, that you had never met, but were thinking of you and loving you from many miles away. I will never forget this moment.