"Compagna tua, compagna m 'avrai"
Truly I'll prove to you a companion

Hot Springs…

We’ve  completed our first week in Japan.  It`s been a bit rough getting use to the time change.  We are taking advantage of the fact that we are getting up so early by going for morning walks around the neighborhood.  After our last performance yesterday Shinobu, Nova and I ate a crepe and enjoyed it while dipping our feet in the hot spring.  After Shinobu headed home on the subway, Nova and I went grocery shopping – BY OURSELVES!  It was a sucess! We are havnig a wonderful time, and Shinobu has been teaching Nova and I quite a bit about Japanese culture.  We are so lucky to have her as a friend and part of Bella Sorella.  We are having a nice time and miss everyone very much!!!

- Susanna