"Compagna tua, compagna m 'avrai"
Truly I'll prove to you a companion

A heart-warming story…

There is a clothing alteration shop in Italian Village.  All of the ladies are so nice and they did great work on our dresses.  One of the ladies came to see our performance today and she was impressed by our performance and had tears in her eyes.  She bought our CD so that they all can listen to it inside the shop.

My uncle (Occupation: chef; a.k.a bodybuilder…He won several prize at a master’s body building competition) came to see us today.  Nova and Susie introduced him as special guest at the concert. (Thanks!) He loved our performance! 

After our 2nd set today, one gentleman bought our CD and came up to meet us.  He said he had tears in his eyes after he listened to us.  On the way back home, I saw him at the station and we took the same train.  On the train, he gave me such a nice comment and I cried.  He said our rendition of “Kawa no nagare no youni” was the best he’d ever heard.  He said he could feel Nova’s and Susie’s voice and my piano.  He told me they were individually beautiful, but at the same time they all are harmonized perfectly, and our united soul within the music touched his heart deeply.  Then he said he recently quit his security guard job, which he did for 20 years.  He quit because it gave him too much stress and now he’s been trying to get himself back to normal by going out and listening to music.  He used to play tuba.  He said we made his day….I said he made our day.  :-)  

At times things can be stressful but there are lots of people who love us, our music and our friendship.  I always keep in my mind how fortunate we are to be supported by them. 

- Shinobu

Shinobu in the green room before one of Bella Sorella’s sets: