"Compagna tua, compagna m 'avrai"
Truly I'll prove to you a companion

Chinese Acrobats…

We saw the Chinese acrobatic dancers show the other day in the Italian Village.  It was Susie’s idea to go see them.  The group consists of about 15 men/boys and 15 women/girls.  They all blew us away.  I still can’t believe on how anybody can be so flexible.  What amazed us was not only their physical strength and flexibility, but also their mental strength.  They do so many exercises, and all of their pre-show preparation and their performance really inspired us.  Most of them are younger than us.  They are all adorable and real professional entertainers.  They gave us so much energy!  Here’s the photo with some of them during their pre-show (after our concert).

- Shinobu