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We saw your performance last fall in Yerington, Nevada and I have had you on my mind ever since! Beautiful voices,
incredible harmonies and lovely music. Ours is a small, rural, unsophisticated community, but your talent was not wasted
on us. We loved you both and have not forgotten the magic of your visit!
- Georgia Kinninger (4/19/2010)
We saw you last night at St. Joseph's Cathedral performing for the Season of Hope...spectacular! I was enthralled and
moved by the gift of your voices. Bravo!!
- Dawn Clark (12/21/09)
It's Sunday Dec. 20th and I just returned from hearing Bella Sorella's beautiful music at Cathedral Bascilica of St. Joseph in
San Jose. The place was packed and I see why. I am hooked! What beautiful music they make... Thank you both for your
beautiful singing and thanks also to the violinist and accompanying piano. Wonderful!!
- Tina Morrill (12/20/09)
Your 12/13 performance in Fairfield was so wonderful.  Thank you for a most wonderful gift to those who attended.  Please
post your 2010 schedule as soon as you know it.  Holiday and New Year blessings to you both.
- The Forrests (12/13/09)
Thank you so much for stopping into Fulio's on my birthday.  I have already had people around town comment on either how
much they enjoyed the random beauty of your performance or their disappointment at having missed it, because it hit the
locals grapevine.  
Was looking over your schedule - quite the road trip - hope you have as much fun everywhere else as you had in Astoria.  
We have to figure out a way to get you back here.  Your pal -
- Peter Roscoe (11/10/09)
Your music is as pure as your spirits. You have honored God's gifting and I was blessed. Enjoyed the after meal and all 4 of
you are awesome. My daughter is in SF and I am going to get her to one of your concerts. I want her to meet you all.
(Texan for all of you!)  You are blessed and highly favored!
- Dennis Morgan (11/1/09)
Can't wait to see you all perform in Raymond Wa.  Nice site
- Effa (10/19/09)
Hello Nova and Susanna,
I am a member of Florence Performing Arts Association board in Florence, Oregon. We are so looking forward to your
- Stephanie Chestler (10/14/09)
Susanna & Nova I saw you last night in Delta, UT.  Couldn't believe we were so lucky to have you with us, and share with us
your beautiful talent.  What a treat it was.  Thanks so much for taking the time to come to such a small place and perform.  
You were wonderful.  Best of luck in all you do.
- Anna Lee Hepworth (10/08/09)
I was privileged to see Bella Sorella in concert at my college this week. Their presence on stage was gripping; they drew
the audience in and we were enjoying the show already from the first note. The energy and passion with which they sing
and interact with each other only makes the fabulous music better. I loved that the atmosphere was a fun and lighthearted
one--as if it was okay to laugh, and clap, and respond to their gestures and comical touches. Truly, they have captured the
spirit of music--technical profiencency is wonderful (and they're certainly masters of that) but the essence of music is love,
and life--and that showed to us all. It was a magnificent concert!!!!
- Anna Ragan (10/3/09)
Really looking forward to your next event in Richmond VA,
- Jesse DePriest, Delta Air Lines (9/30/09)
Met you on elevator on way to teach at Norfolk Naval made to 1040 show you are great. Totally Nailed Nessun
Dorma...etc...etc... You are awesome!
- Howard (9/25/09)
Sorry I haven't been able to get out to see you. I check your website from time to time and keep hoping to get to one of your
performances. You sound better than ever!
- Laurie Holland (9/18/09)
I saw you at the italian festival in Willow Glen.i have some you tube clips--my channel is marianvalkyrien
- Michele (9/3/09)
We were sitting in the wine shop by the stage at the Willow Glen Italian Festa when you came on. It takes a lot to get us
away from our wine, but your music was so spectacular that we abandoned our seats and came out to listen. Incredible!
We bought one CD, listened to it, and immediately ordered the other two. We will be out out town when you play in Antioch
next month, but we will be watching your schedule for the future and look forward to seeing you again. Bella indeed! Thank
you for a wonderful concert.
- Dale Worden (8/31/09)
Monday night (8/17/09) I'm running around the house and out of the blue KAZAM! I'm stopped in my tracks by what I hear
coming from my set,it was a commercial for what I don't know or the channel either,but..but the song Lakme and I swear it
was Bella Sorella.The ladies have such a way of merging these two outstanding voices it is so moving.  For those of you
who listen to KKUP 91.5 fm, it was me who listening to the "human voice show" when they were on, I was so moved I had
to pull to the side of the road with tears running down my face. I called KKUP and thanked BELL SORELLA for something I
thought would never take place again,until this morning (8/18/09) when I went thru their web site looking for the song I heard
last night. Once again I was moved to tears listening to only sample cuts. So thank you,thank you, thank you for sharing
your gift of voice with us and next time your in the San Jose area, I'll be the 6 footer 360lber with tears running down my face
-Scott "Sugarbear" Pearson (8/18/09)
Hello ladies from Diane from NEC. It's great to see what you are doing, plus doing it together. Susie, I have such great
memories of rep class with you and some of our collaborations. Best wishes, Diane
- Diane Braun (8/7/09)
Bella,bella..Nova looking forward to seeing you girls at the Italian Festa.  Love, Pat
- Pat Serio (8/5/09)
Good luck with your upcoming tour!
- Brett Madson (8/3/09)
I'm a pop/blues singer since the age of four years old, now 42 and never hit it big time.  I have to say, that I was blown away
by hearing you this morning on KKUP.  You both really have something there that is just going to continue to skyrocket.  
I'm so excited for both of you after hearing you, and reading your story on your website.  I think you are both going to hit the
crossover for people that don't really consider themselves opera fans, but are more pop music oriented.  This is a perfect
mix.  Your voices really, really complement each other, and I cannot express how much joy I had listening to you both.  I
was near to tears.  Best Wishes to both of you
- Louise (7/21/09)
I saw your web site but I did decide on four copies of POPERA because of your redition of "Pie Jesu."  I want my two
nieces, my sister, and a friend to listen to that song.  Two other favorite songs of mine are "Ricevete" and "Cosi fan Tutte."  
It is wonderful to be able to follow the songs with the English words given in your booklet.  Your two voices blend so
- Mary Feather (4/11/09)
Dear Susanna & Nova,
Please sign me up for your mailing list.  It was so gracious of you to sing at Jessica and Kurt’s recent wedding in Santa
Barbara—you have definitely made a few more fans!  Thank you for the introduction to your music.
- Sharon (Jessica’s aunt) 2/14/09
Great new CD!!!…we love their music and performances.  I’m bringing friends to see them, again, at The Cathedral this Sat.
I really love their new CD.  I listened to the CD on my way to work today and can’t wait for the drive home to listen more…….
- Mimi (12/16/08)
Ladies, another great Concert at Sanchez Concert Hall.  Snatched up your new CD. Great. Violin a nice addition.
- Bob Wilkinson (4/21/08)
The first 3 songs I heard were incredible at the Italian festival. I'm a music guy(selective), but was so impressed I went
back the next day with my niece which you took a few moments out of your busy schedule to say HI. Combine that with
how Bella Sorella came about and your stage presence.  I still share about this very special group to many people in my
journeys. I would say good luck, but you don't need it!
- Anonymous (4/14/08)
You three were wonderful at the Italian Festival.
-Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Medicis (3/24/08)
My wife and I met you at the Italian Festival in Clearwater, Fl.  We enjoyed your outstanding singing.  It was a real treat  to
hear operatic singing.  Thank's again.
- Paul and Patricia Sorchy (2/18/08)
Nova, your voice is amazing, and your sister-in-law is spectacular. I'm glad I've been able to see you several times now,
and I hope to be able to keep in touch. You're both an inspiration! Come visit me at Ulta again some time, or check out my
website at  You guys are great!
- Wesley Dors (1/18/2008)
I was thrilled to hear your performances last night at Saint Joseph's Cathedral.  It was wonderful.  Susanna & Shinobu, it
hasn't seemed so long since La Traviata, but you have all done so much since then.  Congratulations!  
- Larry Tom (12/23/2007)
I just returned from the concert at the Coffee Gallery in Altadena.  I was so impressed by the positive energy these women
had, and the way they bonded with their audience - it was great!  Wonderful singers, voices blended beautifully, and very
talented accompanist as well.  Hope to catch your act again.  Best to all of you!
- John Irvin (11/30/2007)
Just saw the performance at the El Campanil Theater.  Fantastic! Great repertoire and variety of songs! Heard some of my
favorites.  Even some I did not expect. What a performance! Thanks for the wonderful entertainment! Buena suerte!
- Elvira Salazar (11/3/2007)
brave e belle...complimenti!!!!!!!!
- Guglielmo Michielin (10/24/2007)
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