Hey Nova: We've booked 8 seats to your concert in Antioch on the 3rd. I also see from the guestbook that Jennifer signed
in. Will we get a chance to visit with you on the 3rd? BTW, the Davelaars will be with us. See you then.
- Darryl & Stevie Allen (10/22/2007)
We throughly enjoyed your performance at the Italian Festa today.  This was the second time we've heard you perform and
have been enthralled each time.  We look forward to hearing you at the University of Santa Claras's Music at noon on
Wednesday.  Good luck with your careers!
- Arlene and Bob Jones (9/29/2007)
Dear Nova, Susanna, and Shinobu,
It was a pleasure to meet you and hear your show at Arts Midwest.  Beautiful voices, fantastic presentation,
wonderful entertainers!  We look forward to seeing you again sometime soon.
- Sincerely,  Adam DeGraff and Lynn Wright (
Pianafiddle)  (9/9/07)
Having the pleasure of enjoying Shinobu playing for our Senior Band and then meeting Nova and Susanna and hearing your
singing was  a real treat.  I would like to receive your performance schedule and enjoy your local concerts.
- Thank You, Donna Jeler (8/17/2007)
Hello sisters, God Bless u  all
Regards, Russell (8/10/07)
Thank you both for singing at my cousin's wedding.  Your beautiful voices "stole the show"!  My family is still talking about
it!  And no doubt they will be for years to come!
- Karen Borges (7/30/07)
Nova & Susie...Wow, congratulations.  I am so happy for you both.  It's so wonderful to know that you are both doing what
you love...and what a bonus to be doing it together.  
- Much love and hugs to you...Jennifer Allen-Csefko (7/18/07)
When my son asked me to accompany him to Santana Row this afternoon, little did I know the delightful moment that was
just around  the corner!  In the midst of a very busy and noisy world, we caught the notes of the most beautiful music and
we followed it until we found  it!!!  There you were... Bella Sorella!  The rest is history.  My heart was  touched... I bought
you're CDs!  And to top it all off... getting to meet and talk with you was a true respite to my soul!  Thanks for being in just
the exact place for God to use you... to bless me!!! You made my heart sing!  Thank you my dear sisters...
- With love... Donna (7/7/07)
Wow!  I was just flipping the channels and saw your recorded show of 3 July.  You have beautiful voices.
- Steve (7/6/2007)
I saw you in Concord, Ca today (July 3 '07) and I was blown away with the beauty of your voices and the exquisite piano. It
was a wonderful show and it will be great to see such talented, gorgeous women rise to the top in the music business. My
two year old daughter  enjoyed the show too, and now in 20 years she'll be able to say she "saw them when." Best of luck.
- Patti Reis (7/3/2007)
It was so great to meet you all today at Todos Santos Plaza in Concord.  I loved your performance and am looking forward
to seeing you again soon.  Thank you for signing your CD for my littl girl,  Maddie.  Keep up the great work!
- Lydia Alcantar Reno (7/3/2007)
Our family has followed your performances and we are delighted with your new addition.  The three of you sound like angels!
- Martha Hickok (5/29/2007)
Beautiful, talented, sweet - What can I say? You are the total package!
- Dave Hart (3/19/2007)
I have just stumbled upon your music (via myspace) and think that you are stupendous. I will do everything I can to facilitate
passing the word that there is a new group out there that shines!
- Rozann (1/1/2007)
Your performance last night at St. Joseph Cathedral in San Jose was wonderful.  As I mentioned to you after, your final
encore number had me misty-eyed.  It was a privilege to meet you and your mother and grandmother and I look forward to
hearing you and Bella Sorella again soon.  Maybe you'd like to perform at our church sometime?  St. Anthony's parish in
Almaden Valley....your voices would light up our little church.
- Jerry Wells (12/24/2006)
Dear Nova, Susanna and Shinobu Catherine and I and guest really enjoyed your concert again last night. This old srooge
finally got the Christmas spirit!  Keep working on your new album.
- Bob & Catherine (12/18/2006)
We look forward to hearing you in concert on Sunday, Dec. 17th.  Just heard you this morning on KKUP.  
You have beautiful voices.
- Barbara Zane Tom (12/12/2006)
Susanna and Nova, Sorry I cannot attend your 12/17 performance. I just listened to you singing the National Anthem and it
brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your voices. Good Bless you and America.
- Joyce Suttton (12/8/2006)
You ladies owned the stage last night at the big benefit show.  Thanks so much for participating;
it was an honor to work with you!
- PeaceLove, Jonathan (12/3/2006)
Dear Susanna and Nova,
I became aquainted with your music through my association with Brad Zanetti (we work together at Memorial Hospital,
Santa Rosa).  Please know, I am enchanted with your terrific voices, and I am very anxious to hear you both in person!!  
All my best
- Michael W. Sanders (11/12/2006)
You guys are absolutely jaw-droppingly good.  We saw you again at the Italian Festa and really enjoyed listening.  Thank
you so much for the Star Tomorrow support and I'm sure we'll see you soon Nova.  : - )
- Jess & Frank/Red Letter (10/19/2006)
Haven't had a chance to see you recently but am DYING TO. Can't wait. Cheers and good luck to you
- Laurie Holland (10/17/2006)
Had dinner with Lydia a short time ago and got your web site. It is super! Reports from Lydia are that you are both doing
great.  I'm so pleased. I'm signed up for your mailing list so perhaps I will be able to hear you in the near future. Susanna,
your singing at my son's wedding was talked about with the highest praise, I thank you so much for adding another layer of
beauty to that day.
- Fondly, Lynn (10/11/2006)
Hi there, I recently went to see a POPERA concert at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. The singer was
Krassimir-www.krassimir.com and www.myspace.com/krassimir.  I enjoyed your music very much! Good luck!
- Silvia (10/6/2006)
Have a fantastic show on Sunday. If I were in town I would attend. The three of you have fantastic chemistry...you can feel
the words and the music. It is always wonderful to hear your voices.
- Ronnell (9/22/2006)
Absolutely wonderful!  I was fortunate enough to catch your performance at Santa Clara University’s Music at Noon series
today, Bella Sorella does not disappoint!
- Chad Benzel (9/20/2006)
Hello!  I do really enjoy it when you singing the national anthem.Your voices make me cry! I wish I could meet you in life so
you can groom me in terms of voice training. Anyway I and a friend are working on a Soprano line.
- Esther Mosika (9/15/2006)
Botswana, Africa
You Were Great At Santana Row And At Woodside "Little Store". Hope To See You At The Italian Festival.  Take Care.
- Jerry & Sharon Wilkus (9/13/2006)
Dear Nova, Susanna, & Shinobu: We'll probably miss you at The Little Store Restaurant and the The Plush Room, but we're
eagerly awaiting the next performance at the 'Row'! (BTW, Just saw your your National Anthem video on the website, and it
was beautiful!) Your loyal fans,
- Lisanne & Rich (9/7/2006)
I just wanted to say I am very happy to see that you are still using your amazing voice. You sang at Ruskin and Piedmont
where we went to school together and I loved your voice then, I couldn't even imagine how beautiful it would sound now.
Take care.
- Cynthia Hone (9/3/2006)
I couldn't let your website go without telling everyone that I have heard a lot of National Anthems in my time. Yours' was the
best I have ever heard. It made the game better. Thanks for gracing the SF Giants with your elegant and vibrant voices.
- Cort Bender (8/7/2006)
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