Hello,  I am Tamaki of a former teacher of Mrs.Shinobu which encountered in an Italian Village, Thank you for the singing
voice that is splendid  on that day.  Please come to Japan again.  I made a video of a concert of that day.
Because I send it with Mrs.Shinobu if you like please e-mail it.  Then I pray for activity in the future.
- Hisayasu Tamaki (8/19/2006)
I was delighted that Frank and Laura gave me your card.  Next time I'm in the area, I would love to come hear you sing.
- Penny Davis (8/4/2006)
Welcome back!  See you Sunday. We've missed you.
- Love, Vern (8/4/2006)
Hello my name is þeyda I'm writing from turkey/ankara. I hear your voices and I like very much. I have a opera education
and I sing arias.
- þeyda gül sarý (8/4/2006)
Ankara, Turkey
Shinobu,Nova, & Susanna -I'm so bummed that we will not be able to make your Villa Montalvo concert, but looking forward
to seeing you at Santana Row!!! P.S. Maybe one song of Con Te Partiro?? My dad and I love that one... :)
- Lisanne Chatfield (8/2/2006)
Dear Nova and Susie and Shinobu -  If I didn't live on the other side of the country I would so be there on August 6! I'm
happy things are going so well for you!
- Much love, Tracy (7/31/2006)
I'm awed and overwhelmed. I had no idea you had such a marvelous voice & presence. I'm sending your website on to a
young friend I have in South Carolina who dreams of one day having a career jazz singing.  You should be an inspiration to
her.  Great success to you, Susanna and Shinobu and I hope to hear you perform live next March when you will be in San
Diego.  I'm mesmerized to say the least.  
- Sally Galster (7/21/2006)
Konichiwa to Susie & Nova, and thanks for the postcard. Congrats for your present success and best wishes for lots more.
- Love, Va (7/8/2006)
I envy your travel schedule as you may see here on my web site www.johnjewel.com I have just begun to see the world out
side of the opera I grew up on stage in Romania
- John Jewel (7/5/2006)
My dear Rosalinda and Adele.  Great to hear that you are loving your vocal work together.  Nova, congrats on your nuptials.
I wish you both all the best.
- Gabriel Eisenstein (Bob Bergman) 7/4/2006
Hello lovely ladies!  We just received your postcard!  We are so glad to hear that you are having such a wonderful time in
Japan. Cannot wait to see you again!
- Lots of love, Morgan and Denise (7/3/06)
Dear Duet, I found you surfing the net for duet music. And when I heard your beautiful music clips on your website I was
transported to heaven.  I promised myself to attend one of your live performances and decided to write to you. Hope this will
become possible one day in the near future. Remember that people in the far south also love your divine music.
Please keep me posted.
- Paul DeDyn (6/13/06)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dearest Nova, We just bought your Cd...Bravissime!!!  Meraviglioso, Stupendo!!!
You, Susanna and Shinobu are so talented.  I was so lucky to have met you on the plane to San Jose. Good luck in Japan,
and call me when you get home.
- Always,Connie Stothart and Bill Whitmore (6/7/06)
Nova/Susanna/Shinobu...thank you so much for your part in making Joanna and Garrett's wedding the special day that it
was.  You are tremendous talents.  Enjoy Japan.
- Richard Solo (6/11/06)
Hey Nova!!  I was wondering how you have been and I just was sent this web address so I can see for myself. I am so
happy to see that you have become such a success!!  I always knew you'd be great ever since we met in Jazz Choir!!  
Bless you and I hope you make it here to Washington sometime, you can bet I'll be there to see you perform. Best of Luck
for you in the future!! Mitty Love, Jules Pleva Shorey
- Julie Shorey aka Julie Pleva (5/11/06)
You are a blessing to me and my wife - you have the voice that comes from the heart. I pray that you may have more
success! and may have the blessing of good health forever more. Much love
- Al and Diane (Santana Row) Sunday April 30, 2006
Lili Stanford sent me to the site and I hope my twin girls, 3 in may 06, have as much great ambition with their gifts as you
ladies have perfected , VERY NICE!!!!!
- Derek & Christina Jones (4/18/06)
Congratulations!! Oodles of Love...Forever...
Love,Auntie Cupie
We are so happy for you. Best wishes for a very successful career.
Love, Cuz'n Bill, Pam and Michelle Gibson, Justin, Melissa, Mekenna, Kaylee, Teegan and Torrin Mashore xoxox
- Lilli Stanford (4/15/06)
Sue, well, I finally heard from you! :-)  I'm looking forward to the CD I just ordered.  Great web site.  Love ya', Donna  
- Donna Russell (4/12/06)
Hi Nova,
I enjoyed your show and I was happy to see you and your mom!
Love, Lucy
- Lucy Fimbrez (2/24/06)
Ladies, thank you for a delightful evening last night Feb 12 (performance at the Little Fox in Redwood City CA).
New fans!
- Bob Wilkinson (2/13/06)
Nova, I really enjoyed listening and viewing your site. Congratulations on your marriage and career.
It is all absolutely fabulous.
- Ronnell (2/10/06)
Enjoyed seeing you again last night at St Joseph's. Just heard "Popera" - I was very excited to finally hear a live
performance of Debussy! And tell Shinobu that "Joseph" loves her Mozart and Bellini!
Have a wonderful new year!
- Carlos Soriano ("Joseph") (12/22/05)
NOVA!  Wow, I am amazed at how your talent has grown. You are still amazing.  Congratulations to both of you on your
success!  You have done a great job on your CD.  
- Sarah Miller (12/20/05)
I just heard you on KPIG and got goose  bumps when I heard you harmonize on "The Prayer". Your live, in-studio
performance was a Sunday morning delight!  Hopefully, you'll perform in San Luis Obispo soon...  
Best wishes,  
- Don Hightower (12/18/05)
Not only were you both the cultural high-point of the evening, but wonderful to speak with as well!  Best wishes for a
wonderful Holiday Season and a fabulous New Year!   Cheers, Maddy
- Madalena Agius (12/5/05)
Bella Bella
- Tom Fortini  (11/20/05)
My four year old, Gabriella, loved your performance at the Italian Festival (Santana Row).  I'm ordering both your CDs for
her for Christmas.  It's wonderful to have such lovely role models - local, too!  Looking forward to attending more of your
- Lori Limberis  (11/14/05)
Hello Nova and Susanna!
I love your story, and am so glad you are doing so well!  So, congratulations Ladies!
- Daniele Hagen  (11/11/05)
Two delightful ladies whose voices sent chills through our bodies.  We loved them and they are not only very talented
but they are darlings.  Their smiles are priceless as are their beautiful voices - can hardly wait to hear them again in person.
- Bob & Gloria De Silva  (10/13/05)
Hello Nova and Susanna:
It was great to see and hear you on Saturday at the Italian festival.  We purchased your CD and enjoy it tremendously.  
This is truly an outstanding CD.  All of the music is superb.  Best of luck and we hope that you can sell many CDs.  
It is truly an outstanding and gratifying musical treat.  
- Elias and Minerva Chamorro  (10/5/05)
Hello Ladies,
Well done, you look beautiful.  I'm so proud of your accomplishments.  Your website looks fabulous.
Best of luck to you.  I hope I'll have a chance to attend one of your performances.
- Natasha Manley  (10/04/05)
Hi Susanna,
Your CD's are great!  And I Love your web site. I wish you all the best in your career.  
Thanks for including me in the release of your CD.  
Toi! Toi! Toi!
- Judith Skinner  (10/01/05)
Though I know Nova less than a year, feels like I know her for many years....
she is a wonderful girl and it is an honor to be her friend.....can't wait to see your next performance.
- Pam Anjomi  (9/29/05)
Thank You, Thank You, for sharing your talents. You are both so outstanding and I love the website.
Love you both
- Linda Ontiveros  (9/22/05)
The website looks great... almost as good as the music sounds!
Come sempre, buona fortuna!
- David Lebow  (9/21/05)
You're both sensational with the voices of sweet sweet sounds of love in the air.
Thank you Susanna for inviting me to your website to hear a breath of fresh air.
- Marie Washington (7/21/05)
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